Welcome to the website of Brad’s Carpet Cleaning.

Brad’s Carpet Cleaning has been cleaning carpets, tiles and upholstery in the Western Australia since 1996, providing a professional and efficient service for domestic and commercial clients. Brad’s Carpet Cleaning uses top of the range equipment to get the best results. With Sapphire Scientific’s 870 High Pressure Truck mount machine, more heat, stronger vacuum and greater pressure delivers a deep and consistent clean, even on the largest jobs.

Get the Brad’s Carpet Cleaning magic working on your house and have complete confidence in Brad’s experience and knowledge that can bring new life to your floors.

Brad understands just how dirty carpets, rugs, tiles, couches and mattresses can get! As well as normal traffic dirt on your carpets, he knows about all kinds of stains, marks and blemishes, and has the equipment to give them the serious treatment!

Brad also knows about the quality of carpets and the best way to clean each type – whatever backing, underlay or hard surface – he will ensure the best result possible. Even if you think your carpets need replacing, give Brad’s Carpet Cleaning a chance to remove tough stains, leaving them looking like new.


Watch the video clips below to see the difference Brad’s Carpet Cleaning can bring to your carpet and tiled surfaces.

View our Tile Cleaner in action!

View our Carpet Cleaner in action!

View our Upholstery Cleaner in action!